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About us

About Productshelf

Electronics, home decoration, kitchen appliances… At Productshelf we’re no longer solely

about the watches we started with in 2014! We try to offer our customers the best possible

online shopping experience.

Browse in style

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our online store is as easy to navigate as possible. Use

our preselected categories to filter your results or simply enter a search term if you’re

looking for something specific.

Simple & secure shopping

So now that you’ve found your chosen items and added them to your shopping bag, the only

thing left to do is decide how you wish to pay for your purchases. iDeal and credit card as

well as PayPal are all accepted forms of payment.

Once your order has been received we will send you a confirmation email, which acts as

proof of purchase. Once your order is processed you’ll receive a further email. This email

contains a tracking number, which you may use to check the status of your order should you

so wish.

Customer service

If you would like to contact a member of our customer service team, simply fill out the form

on http://productshelf.eu/contacts/ and they will get back to you within two working days.

Product range

We try to offer a wide range of big brands as possible and we are continuously working on

offering more!