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 Family Pool

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 Family Pool
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Bestway 10ft Fast Set Pool is a great first swimming pool for families and is the perfect size for small garden spaces. It's extremely practical because it can be set up or packed away in next to no time. Alternatively the above ground swimming pool is hardwearing enough to leave up for the entire sunny season! Air pump is sold separately and it is not included in the item package. Other than an air pump, no tools are required to set up the garden pool. This is in stark contrast to in-ground swimming pools, which require weeks of digging and shovelling to build. Above ground pools are simply set up on a flat, solid surface so there's no need to butcher a once beautiful garden! Once a flat surface has been found the Fast Set Swimming Pool is laid out on top of it before inflating the silver top ring and filling the blue base with water. As it fills with water its hardwearing PVC and polyester outer wall spreads out and the inflatable swimming pool rises and forms its finished shape. It's so quick and simple that you can set it up, enjoy a paddle or swim and have it packed away in time for a barbecue luncheon! Water Capacity: 3,638L (80%) Pool Size: 3.05m x 0.76m Quick & simple set up Simply inflate ring & fill with water


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